During the Exam
When you still tired
What do you do?
That's Problem
Attendance is not mandatory
Me clicking on
When you taking a test
When you close your eyes for 5 min
when you have to pretend
when you ask a question
When you want to get in shape
How I Feel
Trying to handle my life
Me trying to stay sleepy
When your lecturer asks
My friend's reaction
That moment when you see
Looking at your best friend
When you fighting with your brother
Kitchen at 2 am
When the customer start
At the end of class
Righting Down your notes
Fighting with your Siblings
When the teacher says
when your Mom Pick up
When people ask me
When you wake up from a nap
Math class be like
When the math teacher ask a question
When you work from home
Befor/ After Workout
When you boss ask
When you ask a parents
When I used to dream about working from home
That Awkward Moment
when you are copying work
How boys and girls see
First day in susral
I dont get
Whem you realize summer is comming
Husband got shocked
When you have ugly picture
when all have that one friend
When another teacher tells
When another teacher tells
When you hear
Adding to Cart
Promise You wont tell anyone
This year I resolved
Mom Told Me
i am strong
When people ask me
People when they only get
When you are fighting
When the topic you studied
When your hear your kids
My Plan is to start
Me All Day
My Plans for Valentine's day
Do you realize
Covid 19
31st december night
Get a 40% on a test
other siblings
Me to my friend
My Reaction
When he don't reply to your text
when you are trying to tell your friend joke
When 9 year old you is studying
When somone is crying
That moment when you see
When your best freind
when you have to pretend
When someone uses your hotspot
When dudes ask
That Moment in the math class
When you are copying work
My friend's Reaction
Me and My freind
Me to husband
when i talk into my best friend
My plan is to start cryiing at 3Am
It look you 10 mintues
Covid 19
you mean to tell me
I don't always drink milk
When i give you
when your friend take their glasses
when girls take selfie
After your Graduate
It is Wrdnesday
look you give your friend
How it feels
Meeting with best friend
When your best friend starts telling
I would let you
That Moment When You
When a parents tell me
My Reaction
when you enter the wrong
That moment when you realize
one day before exam
When someone reads your mesage
And then I said
Night shift doctor staff
When you have that on a a friend
Class test be like
Science and tech
when you have been dieting
That Moment When
Last 2 minutes of my exam
when your friend
When someone turns the light
My face
Pay minimum wages
What is the formula of water
When your dad uses your phone
You mean to tell me
Someone running faster than me
When people ask me
When you eating in class
when you just
when you finish
when someone says
use mobile phonemom
when teacher is going
I dont know
when you have no work
when your boss says
Bike fall
Be great
When someone says
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